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Two zinc charts and an open trade

I've been sitting here this morning, staring like a mouthbreather at the screen and trying to decide whether I care about the reasonably good pop in zinc this morning, up 1.5% and running against other base metals that are either boringly flat or showing red.

And no, I don't care enough about this specific move because at 88c/lb we're still just bouncing around inside the New Normal trading range. On the other hand there's now a lot more chances that the shills and Zn permabulls who have been crying wolf about a supply shortage every year for the last five year or so are on the right track...

...because that particular squiggly line isn't at multi-year lows by pure chance. So rather than try and time this to perfection, I'm happy about holding the single best value zinc junior on the Canada boards and if it turns out I'm a few weeks or months too early to the trade, I won't sweat it. Subscribers know which stock I'm talking about.