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I can't resist it any longer: Messi's free kick goal from last night

Reasons why this post shouldn't exist:
  • I stick too many Messi goals on this blog anyway.
  • I'm a total cliché fanboy and it must get boring.
  • IKN is supposed to be about money and mining and juniors and things, right?
  • Argentina only won the semi-final, this kind of fandom can put the kibosh on the final.
  • We don't even know who they play in the final yet (for the record "Go Chile", I want LatAm's most "beautiful game" teams up against each other again).

But screw it, this goal is just too screamingly good. This sort of placement at speed is off-scale footballing brilliance and it's good to share the good things in life.

And Leo is now Argentina's all-time top scorer thanks to it. Cherry on cake. Youtube here 

PS: Those USA soccer fans tuning in shouldn't be too upset about yesterday; no team could have lived with Argentina the way they played last night and Jurgen's guys put up a spirited and positive performance. It was particularly impressed with the way they came out at the start of the second half and pushed up, took a strategy risk and pressed Argentina...that's gutsy footy.