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Latest Peru Presidential election polling


"Fujimori slipped in Datum poll on Thursday, giving her 52.1 percent support in a mock vote compared to Kuczynski's 47.9 percent."

And Here:
LIMA, June 2 (Reuters) - Support for Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori slipped three percentage points from a week earlier and she is statistically tied with her opponent Pedro Pablo Kuczynski ahead of Sunday's election, a poll by CPI showed on Thursday.
Fujimori won 51.6 percent of valid votes in a mock voting exercise conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, compared to Kuczynski's 48.4 percent. CPI's survey had a 2.3 point margin of error, up or down. A CPI poll conducted May 26 and 27 gave Fujimori 54.8 percent of valid votes. (Reporting by Teresa Cespedes; Writing by Caroline Stauffer)