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Regarding Brexit

On reading my profanity-laced rant on the Primero Mining this morning, reader and Brit "DF" writes in to say, "You should post your Brexit rant from last week's NL".

So yeah, okay, why not? Here it is, published last Sunday.

A few more words on why Brexit won’t happen
Also in last week’s intro was this line, “..once the silly Brexit thing is over and the UK almost certainly votes to stay in Europe..” about the June 23rd referendum vote in the UK on whether the country stays in the EU or leaves. It was almost a throwaway in last week’s intro, nevertheless it got a decent handful of mails and the contents of them all can be paraphrased down to “Why think that?”. Okay, here goes and it’s really quite simple: Though Brits on both the left and the right may secretly love the idea of breaking away from all those European types due to their 1) innate sense of superiority and 2) innate racism* towards the nebulous menace of both “immigrants” (why has that simple and descriptive word become so threatening?) and other established Europeans (I’d treat you to the racist slang Brits have for every major country on the continent but there’s no point), Brits are at heart greedy self-serving people who will only ever vote for their own back pocket and have scant regard for idealistic matters such as society or togetherness. Take it from a British citizen who may have been living out the country for many years, but baggage is baggage and Napoleon had us down pat two centuries ago when he labelled the place “a nation of shopkeepers”. The “Leave” campaign people have not made a good case as to why the rank and file will be better off out of the EU, while the “Remain” campaign people have scared the holy excrement out of Brits by threatening the thing most dear to their hearts; the value of their houses. It doesn’t even matter if Chancellor (i.e. FinMin) Osborne’s prediction of an 18% drop in house prices is correct. It could be half that, or a quarter, even “your house won’t appreciate any further” is good enough, citizens who vote lefties, righties or centries in the UK have one thing in common, they’re all me-firsties and rare indeed is the principled stand for one’s political beliefs when loss of cold hard cash is at stake. An Englishman’s Home is his Castle (goes the expression), her/his castle is under threat, British people won’t leave because the Remain campaign’s so-called “Project Fear” is working. Quite right too, I’m all for scaring a bunch of sheep into doing the right thing.

Also, the UK bookmakers are offering odds of 4/1 that Britain votes to leave the EU (i.e. bet $10 and win $40, getting back $50 in total) and 1/6 that it stays (i.e. bet $10 and win $1.67, getting back $11.67 in total. Bookmakers are not charities. Finally, if you were to point out that in this setting the above-mentioned sense of superiority and the innate racism are the same thing, with certain caveats I’d agree.

*An example: When Labour (left) won a landslide general election victory in 1964, one Conservative (right) candidate bucked the trend and won his seat in a largely working class borough by using the campaign slogan, “If you want a ni___er for a neighbour, vote Labour." Yup , two Gs missing. And the campaign worked because it hit the button of “your house price will drop” more than “next door will have strange smells in the kitchen” or “they talk funny”.