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The Angry Geologist does Pretium (PVG)

On the back of yesterday's drive-by comment on this humble corner of cyberspace, T.A.G. picks up the Pretium (PVG) baton and runs with it. And well he runs, too. Your excerpt is:

"...they have drilled >200 holes into an area that measures 200m x 250m, with a drill-holes every 2-3 car lengths, and with all that data they do not have enough confidence in their own data to estimate the true widths of the veins/gold bearing structures.  Just a couple of questions:

  • Just how complicated is this deposit? 
  • If they can't calculate the true widths of the veins, how will they mine them?

Grade control is going to be a bitch!"

And that's putting it mildly. The whole thing is here, go read and learn something about rocks from a real economic geologist rather than a rock-kicker-stock-picker fake geologist. Or Rick Rule.

PS: I know enough Latin to translate his title, too. The first part is connected with the image of beautiful people while the second has to do with unwelcome intercourse by a member of the royal family.