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The second UK referendum vote to come

Things to consider:
  • Establishment will fight tooth and nail for the status quo, be in no doubt. That goes for the UK as well as the EU, both sets of damnfool idiots are now crapping themselves.
  • The UK looks set to disintegrate if Brexit happens, Scotland will want out and probably Northern Ireland too.
  • As nobody knows exactly how Article 50 works, it gives those in charge licence to make it up as they go along.
  • There's a whole wave of "oh no what have we done?" washing through the UK now, like a bad hangover.
  • A petition for a second referendum is already out there and picking up steam. 
  • Also, this.

Therefore it can work something like this:
1) UK triggers article 50
2) EU and UK thrash out a deal.
3) Deal includes referendum and waiver of article 50
4) UK puts it to the people, kinda "OK folks, this is the exit deal they've offered us, up to you to decide".
5) Bingo! A de-facto Brexit Part Deux. If it's rejected, UK stays.

For sure there are plenty of alternatives, you can probably improve the framework but it works as a starting point. It would also have the effect of keeping Scotland (and N.I.) in the UK until the vote is done, the thing that most scares the Brits today. Everyone gets to buy time, including President Boris who would be able to get the big job, trigger Article 50, get  a deal with the EU and offer it to a population who will not vote to break up their own country, no way José.