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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "The IKN post regarding Primero's (PPP) ( decision to take Mexico to court under NAFTA rules contains swear words", because you just like it when I get all ranty. Yeah, I've noticed.

Second Place: "The Angry Geologist does Pretium (PVG)", a post that TAG did after reading my snarky little number on the PVG news release of last week and the reader response I added at the end. It's worth mentioning that I'm not TAG and don't have the slightest amount of editorial control over what he writes (wouldn't want it anyway) because from the feedback received some of you think I'm out to get PVG or somesuch. No, wrong again trollsville, I'm out to open the eyes of people who are stupid enough to swallow whole the corporate spiel of mining companies and get them to question assumptions at all times. So you may or may not agree with TAG's assessment of PVG (no need to write in again, I've heard all angles), but I'd suggest that checking your own assessments of any and every company, PVG or whatever, is a darned fine idea and good for your financial health if you're one of these crazy people who invests in the mining sector.

First Place: "Peru election: IPSOS reportedly calling PPK ahead of Keiko with just one day to go before the vote" because it went viral on Facebook on Peru yesterday, 25,000 hits and counting. It happens sometimes, so be it.