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"Why I “Need” an AR-15"

Via Medium (who dumped the link into my mailbox) I read this article by Jon Stokes this morning and I've just read it again. He lays out the rationale for the civilian ownership of assault rifles* and he does it very well.

I don't agree with him and never will but I learned a whole bunch of things while reading it, he makes a far more intelligent case for gun ownership than the NRA dunderheads ever will. The article should be required reading by people on both sides of the debate and here's a snippet:

"This article isn’t my attempt to justify anything to you — it’s not a defense of what’s in my gun safe or of the AR-15 itself. If, for you, my AR-15 ownership is prima facie evidence of my mental instability, sexual inadequacy, lack of a conscience, or what-have-you, then I honestly don’t care what you think about this issue. You can go back to broadcasting your own moral superiority on social media, and I can go back to tuning you out until your rage therapy session is over.
No, this article is for the genuinely curious — those who assume that 5 million of their fellow Americans are not inhuman or insane, and who want to understand what set of rationales, no matter how flawed and confused they may ultimately turn out to be, could make an otherwise normal person walk out of a gun store with an “assault weapon.”"

*No, I'm not going to put things in speech marks. Read the article.