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Getting your basic facts wrong while pumping an overpriced gold stock, Byron King edition

Byron King of Agora has already been flagged as not the sharpest knife in the box by IKN recently, but the pump he decided to run on Victoria Gold (VIT.v) yesterday that did this to the stock (mouthbreathers, form an orderly queue with your money for Porter Stansberry's bank account)... an idea of how dumb he is. It included this photo and this caption...
...which says (and I quote), "Your senior geologist holding the first gold bar poured from Victoria's Gold Eagle. It weighs over 100 ounces!". Exclamation marked, of course.

In fact, the gold bar in the picture being held by Byron King is from the completely different Golden Predator (GPY.v) mine, not the Eagle mine and nothing at all to do with VIT. In fact, getting a gold bar out of the Eagle project or any other VIT.v project would be darned impressive, what with VIT.v being an exploration and development stage company with zero production and zero income.

The blind leading the blind. And if Byron King is Agora's "senior geologist", just imagine how bad the juniors are there.

PS: As to why Agora has chosen VIT.v as its pump you only need to look at the large sized NY money that got into the stock before it all began. The rich get richer and the stupid get poorer, it's the American way.