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HudBay (HBM) ( Constancia copper production in May 2016

We know March saw HBM shut down part of its production facility at Constancia for machinery upgrades.

We know April saw a jerk-back in production and a strong figure, because that's what Peru's Mining Ministry (MEM) figures had for us at the beginning of June.

Now we know, thanks to the latest MEM numbers, that copper production at Constancia for May 2016 was 9,852 metric tonnes. That adds to the chart like this:

That's the second worst month for a year (behind the scheduled low March figure) and can probably go down as a miss, but we await the June numbers to know the full 2q16 production total. IKN's best guess is now around 75m Lbs Cu at Constancia, less than the assumption used in the fundies report on the stock in IKN370.