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Orla Mining (OLA.v) is looking at Pershimco Resources (PRO.v)

Word reaches your humble scribe this morning that Orla Mining (OLA.v-H), the NEX listed TSXV shell that's just financed to the tune of $7m and is aggregate 66% owned by Marc Prefontaine, Hans Smit, Troy Fierro, Richard Hall, John Graham and Pierre Lassonde, is doing deep DD on Pershimco Resources (PRO.v) with a view to a possible deal.

I don't own either stock and that's not going to change. As for an opinion, PRO has some interesting rocks at Cerro Quema in Panama but there's a lot of hair on the corporate and country risk sides of the equation, so getting to a final deal isn't a given in my opinion. But the all-star cast at OLA will be an advantage (including with the Panama authorities) and at least Pierre can talk to les Bureau (x?) in a language they understand.