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Your author receives a mail from Daryl Hodges...

...asking him to remove the photo of the house which is the registered business address of his Marijuana company "Four Twenty Investments". Apparently he thinks the photo is non-public information and also tells me that the house has nothing to do with Four Twenty Investments. 

I'm therefore torn: Shall I believe a proven liar such as Daryl Hodges, fired from Jennings and voted off the board of directors of Minera IRL due to shareholders' disgust in the way he managed the company? Or shall I believe the official information offered by the government of Canada which states that yes, that is the business address of Four Twenty Investments (Four Twenty Investments Ltd. 17 Ladykirk Avenue, Toronto, ON M4L 3K8)...

...and goes on to provide the shot of the house to make sure?

Interestingly, Daryl Hodges in his mail states that he doesn't own the property in question and never has. By sheer coincidence, the private advisory firm run by Daryl Hodges is called "Ladykirk Capital Advisors". But like I say, that's probably just a concidence. Innit guv.

UPDATE: Reader 'S' mails in to add...
 In terms of your link to the corporate info on Four Twenty Investments…I’ve got one better for you:


Corporations Canada publishes all mandatory corporate info online for CBCA companies (the provinces have their own thing and you have to pay to search).

Maybe Mr. Dodges can read the big heading “CAUTION - THIS INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC IN ACCORDANCE WITH LEGISLATION” warning on the top……
UPDATE 2: Aha, this is interesting. The registered business address on that link sent in by reader 'S' has changed today! This morning it was as seen, all of a sudden it's Queen St. The first link in the post still hasn't changed though. And for what it's worth, Four Twenty Investments new business address, impressively changed just today after two years at 17 Ladykirk Ave (just coincidence again innit guv) is the offices of lawyers Blaney McMurtry LLC. We presume Hodges can't afford Fasken any longer.

That's the thing about shining light on roaches...

But what is interesting is this, a little further down the same page:

Seems that Daryl is still connected to 17 Ladykirk, however he might protest or try to con us otherwise.

UPDATE 3 Friday morning. And by some miracle...

...the lying toerag Hodges decides to change his home address too. You think you have all your tracks covered now?