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Fortuna Silver (FSM) ( posts a(nother) net loss

For sure it posts operating profit...

...but that doesn't cover sales, nor G&A. Then there's the unrelenting sustaining capex (for drill programs at Caylloma that reveal nothing).

And then they tell me it has a market cap of U$1.24Bn.

NR here.

PS: Seriously, this one feels like Hans Christian Andersen's emperor story. FVI gets a market cap three times higher than this time last year on an extra $5m MOE because... because... unicorn? Magic numbers? Look, I know it's a well-run miner and all that (though we can debate the sagacity of buying Lindero another day) but are you all really that desperate to own a silver name? These multiples for such a meagre return? Can somebody please explain, I'm running out of crazy pills.