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Great Panther Silver ( (GPL): A penny begins to drop

Sometimes it takes a bath of cold, hard reality in the form of quarterly results to strip away the myopic optimism of silverbugs. Sorry people, all silver mining companies are not the same and some are complete shit, Great Panther is a prime example and you don't even have to know about numbers to come to that conclusion. Just realize that this is the same company under criminal investigation by Mexican national authorities for the death of a child worker at its mill.

Oh, Robert Archer didn't tell you the death of that worker in July was that of an under-aged and illegally employed boy? Well now, that's a surprise.

UPDATE: No, I'm not joking. Yes, I am serious. Yes, you should be mailing GPR IR department about this and not IKN. Yes, I'd be ashamed to be a shareholder of this company, too. No, I don't know whether this death is connected with the death of the mine manager announced yesterday.