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Mark Bristow, CEO of Randgold (GOLD) "on charity safari"

Here's how Christopher Coleman, chairman of Randgold Resources (GOLD), introduced his CEO Mark Bristow at the recent 2q16 results conference call. IKN does the bold-typing for you.
"Randgold's exemplary health and safety record, which continues to improve over time, secures the productivity of our very important asset, the workforce. And it's genuinely meaningful outreach initiatives, such as Mark's most recent charity motorbike safari from east to west of equatorial Africa, reinforces the hard-earned social licence which is so vital to the company's success and our sustainability."

Here's Mark Bristow "on charity safari". The motorbike seems to be missing from these shots, though.

Social licence. 
Outreach initiatives. 
Oh yeah.

Interestingly, Norway's Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), the largest State-run pension fund in the world, recently dropped Tahoe Resources (TAHO) from its holdings due to its poor social responsibility and ethics record. They still hold shares of Randgold (GOLD) but state that the holding is "under observation" due to its iffy track record. Let's hope nobody forwards these photos to Norway, eh Mark?