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The Angry Geologist does Golden Tag (GOG.v)

And he does it very well. Three weekends ago in IKN378, your humble scribe made quick mention of Golden Tag (GOG.v) in the intro to the edition as an example of a company and a project in the shape of its San Diego silver thing in Mexico that should have been taken out and shot years ago. Here's most of that piece:
"... At first sight San Diego’s silver resource has some eye-popping numbers, something like 180m oz in indicated and inferred categories. But look closer and you’ll see it’s a joke, a bad joke at that, based on $28/oz silver and 2oz to 3oz per tonne inferred category silver rock that’s very deep (500m+ down) and would be mined via block caving methods. The stock was mentioned by A. Mailer as “optionality on silver” but it’s not going to happen folks, you might get “optionality on complete idiots” but that’s about it."

Therefore it was good to see T.A.G. pick up on GOG.v at San Diego and run a post on the project yesterday, because he does it much better than me. An excellent exposé of this dog of dogs and recommended reading. And the way, GOG.v is yet another worthless company that's been pumped recently by the bullshit merchants at to the unsuspecting neophytes attracted to Tommy Humphreys' site like flies round orignale dung.