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Another Canadian pump and dump unwinds

Colorado Resources (CXO.v):

This one was loudly pumped by the purveyors of bovine excrement at non-stop for months, getting all the newbies and greenhorns hot and lathered about all the millions they were going to make (off free info on a freakin' chatboard!!!) and then...for some reason... it all suddenly went quiet at about CXO (i.e. Tommy's ringleader crew were quietly selling). Cut to today and the near-inevitable news release that makes it clear the wonder-project isn't the next Red Lake after all. My, what a shocker.

This is how these two-faced delinquents have always worked their sordid trade. They'll pretend to be your friend forever if you let them. Well "forever" may be a stretch, more like until your back pocket runs dry.

UPDATE: Reader JB helps the cause by sending in this Dilbert strip. Thank you kindly, sir.