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Mouthbreather update

Some moron called "Jazz Singer" wrote a comment on yesterday's post re. CNL and MUX, saying the following:
"Unless you can provide any proof besides your rumored Ari comment this post is baseless. There so many other company's McEwen Mining could buy for far less than the price Continental Gold. Rob McEwen would not be doing business with anyone who would leak information on a buyout deal."

I forgot how many stupid colloquial sexual organs (male or female, choose your preferred slang) there are in Teh Internetz. Yes of course you want written and lawyer-approved evidence of a CA between CNL and MUX because that's what you deserve, because your mother didn't breastfeed you, poor darling. Because IKN's track record of knowing things before you do just isn't good enough for your high standards. But trust me on this one my Jazzy friend, McEwen would indeed do business with a scumbag like Ari Sussman, he only wants the money. That's the attitude that wins you national medals in Canada.

I can't help but get a Teutonic feel from this Jazz Singer guy, that "Resistance Is Useless" thing. Could be me...hey, I dunno...

PS: I did like "company's" instead of "companies".