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Read Exploration Insights on Orezone (ORE.v) for free

On August 28th, after reading the note written by Joe Mazumdar and Brent Cook on Orezone (ORE.v) in that weekend's edition of Exploration Insights, I wrote this post on the duo and their work and said this:
Exploration Insights, the mining newsletter published by Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar, is the best publication of its type in the business. A prime example of its quality came today with the EI write-up and commentary on the goings on at Orezone (ORE.v) last week.

What shines in the EI analysis is the skillset range. To get this ORE.v story right you need to know about geology and mining technicals for sure, but you also need a deep knowledge and understanding of capital markets, corporate politics and the ability to glean off-record information that only a team with long-standing contacts in the right places in the industry can boast. And last but not least, the writer needs the ability to put it all into a narrative that reads logically and reaches the brain of the reader easily.

If you get the chance to read the Exploration Insights analysis of Orezone, SRK, RPA and all matters arising then do so, it's a genuine tour de force.
And now the good news: Cook and Mazumdar have decided to release their piece on Orezone (ORE.v) as a free sample and you can read it by clicking right here on this like. Top drawer mining analysis from the best newsletter in the junior mining space. Go read.