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The strike that Gran Colombia Gold ( isn't telling you about

So far:
  • 5,000 small scale miners in Segovia out on strike and protesting in the streets because GCM won't negotiate in good faith and are trying to make them out as illegals.
  • Now joined by another 1,000 from the nearby town of Remedios, striking in solidarity.
  • The contracted miners of GCM have either stayed away from their jobs for fear of reprisals, or they've stayed inside the mine site in order to work on. Absentee rate is approximtely 50%
And zero from the company. This is how Frank Giustra/Serafino Iacono treat their shareholders and the market in general. They can't stomach failure so try to pretend it doesn't exist.

UPDATE: 12 hours later GCM finally put out a highly spun NR on the events. Nothing to do with IKN shining a light on your nefarious ways this morning though, right Fino?