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I say things on Twitter


You know how desperately bad Seeking Alpha writers are...

...when they use IKN as their source material. A screenshot.

They even pick the pieces of script with my bad grammar. Why I left the "when" hanging in there is beyond me. Merci GMR pour le "tete-en-haut".

And on the subject of bad anal ysts, by the way Itinerant/Investment Doctor your Rainy River capex math sucks. A quote, with your humble scribe highlighting the dumbass bits
"Liquidity may become a concern here: the company had $145M in cash at the end of August, and has $175M available on its revolving credit facility. Adding the final $75M stream deposit by Royal Gold (NASDAQ:RGLD) brings our liquidity tally up to $395M - or $85M short of currently stated capex requirements. The $50M overdraw option on the revolver won't save the day here, and we would be surprised if cash flow from New Gold's operating mines does. In other words: expect New Gold to raise capital before long."

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong wrong. Lazy analysis is what makes Sinking Alpha what it is.