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Sirios (SOI.v): And another Canadian pump and dump meets its inevitable end

  • From pennies to over a Loonie on "New Red Lake" rumours? Check
  • Dubious chart volume patterns? Check
  • Several "paid sponsorship" deals with newsletter writers? Check
  • Pumped by the criminals at Check
  • Flashy mid-summer news release citing "visible gold"? Check
But then...
  • Everything go quiet? Check
  • Greenhorn bagholders left wondering what's going on? Check
  • Eventual initial drilling results (out just a few minutes ago) show nothing special, patchy results, little chance of continuity? Check

But don't worry about the back pockets of the people who reco'd this stock to you, greenhorn, they sold a loooooooong time ago. But don't fret, if you get in contact with them today they'll be very, but very sympathetic with you and tell you there's still plenty of hope and the exploration program has only just started so there's no reason (etc etc etc).

UPDATE: 20 minutes after the open:

Well, there's a shockah.