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The Guardian picks up the story of the death of Brazil environment officer Luiz Alberto Araújo

This is the assassination, most a hit job ordered by illegal loggers, that IKN picked up on at the time of the killing back on October 13th (here and here). It's good to see it getting some wider coverage and here's an extract from the Graun note:

More than 150 environmental activists have been killed in Brazil since 2012, with studies showing the country accounts for half the global toll of such murders.
Many of those killed, including the high-profile cases of Chico Mendes, Dorothy Stang, and Zé Claudio Ribeiro da Silva, were campaigners. But Araújo was a government official, and advocates say his murder is a rare and worrying development.

“The killing of Luiz Alberto Araújo marks a new low in the war waged against environmentalists in the Brazilian Amazon,” said Billy Kyte, campaign leader at the NGO Global Witness. “It sends a message that no one is untouchable.