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Tinka Resources (TK.v): It takes a very decent NR... get a mining company to swim against the tide on a sector sell-off day like today. But that's what Tinka Resources (TK.v) served up today and there's some smart money buying the stock up 8.5% 11.4% 14.3% while all around wilt and faint.

You can have all the cool grades that you want but if you don't have amenable metallurgy to get the metal separated from the rock efficiently, it means squat. Also a measure of the seriousness of your exploration-stage junior is how much they care about met in early stages, all too easy for them to drill-baby-drill without doing the background work at the same time. TK is getting recognition today for good results, and for doing the right things the right way. Not all tinycap explorecos are the same.

Disclosure: Yup, I own some. Long-term perspective position, I don't flip things like this.