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Another large Minera IRL shareholder speaks

The following was sent to the Board of Directors by another big shareholder of Minera IRL, on the back of the Peruvian shareholder who wrote his open letter to the same people on November 20th. As before, I have been given permission by the shareholder to publish here and as before, he only wishes for public anonymity which of course I respect. His identity is known to myself and to the board of directors of Minera IRL, who all received the signed mail. I've brushed up the grammar very slightly, but it's as-is.

Dear Mr O'Kelly and Board Members:
I fully agree with (the concerned shareholder of November 20th)'s comments.
As a shareholder with over 4 million shares and as a US Citizen, I am surprised and concerned with the way you are handling the Annual General Meeting of Minera IRL. Moreover, I am concerned with your proposed Special Resolutions.
Respectfully, you owe us a prompt and solid response to these questionings. We expect a direct communication and not only a press release.
(name supplied)