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B2Gold (BTG) ( 3q16 financials

B2Gold (BTG) ( reported this evening (RegFs filed to SEDAR, no news release yet) and here are just two charts of several hundred we'll do at the weekend:
Operating earnings per share came in at 7.6c, slightly down on the IKN forecast of 8.4c but that's because I got the depreciation/depletion/amortization charge low (which is non-cash in the end), so no biggie.

A better bit of guesswork over at the balance sheet, we're the IKN estimate was for working capital of U$115m and the reality is U$114.885...that's a win for the house model, but more importantly shows the strong liquidity levels and free cash flow generation going on here.

All in all a fine looking quarter from The Clive & Co. As long as gold prices don't dump on us tomorrow B2 should go higher on these numbers.

UPDATE: The NR is out.