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El Tambor in Guatemala: "This is a dog licence with the word 'dog' crossed out and 'cat' written in in crayon"

Hopefully there's a solid percentage of the IKN readership who recognize that as a line from this...

...the Monty Python Fish Licence sketch. It's also a reasonable mirror on the tosh and nonsense Simon Ridgway has been broadcasting about his poor hard-done-by hard-luck story at El Tambor (a.k.a. La Puya), the mine Radius Gold (RDU.v) flogged to the suckers at KCA (and hi there dkappes AT yourmailaddress, great to see you tuning in these days). Thing is y'see, Ridgway gets all uppity when you point out the fact that El Tambor was an illegal mining operation. "Oh no it isn't", comes the reply, "it was permitted and had a licence and everything".

Well...yeah. It did indeed have its operating permit, but the problem is that piece of paper was about as valid as the Cat Licence from the Ministry of Housinge*. The permit RDU/KCA received for El Tambor was illegally awarded and that's not just my spouting opinion either but the opinion, nay the ruling, of the Guatemala judiciary at the highest court in the country. And that's why they closed down the mine Simon, it was operating illegally. But that doesn't stop RDU coming on the arrogant twats in public declarations and trying to make out the Guatemala government is stopping mining. If the arrogant twats at RDU just stopped and thought for more than five seconds, they might just be able to recognize that a country's judiciary is not a country's government.

They also might want to consider just how far they'd like to talk about the details of an illegal permit they were awarded by a government administration now shown to be utterly corrupt by subsequent investigations, because it sure would be interesting to find out how they managed to get the government minister at the time to sign off on a permit that had not been correctly obtained.

*it's spelled like that on the van