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UPDATED Giustra's paid lackey Keith Schaefer pumps Lithium X (LIX.v)

NB: Please see update below

You can spot the Frank Giustra paid monkeys from a mile away, they all sound the same. Today's the turn of Keith Schaefer and the mailer sent to his list this morning entitled "This Energy Market Desperately Needs Supply", which warbles on about how lithium is the fuel of the future etc etc and then, when you get to the end, the real purpose of his bullshit is revealed:

"That has me excited about a new lithium company—one with prime assets, an award-winning geologist and a board that has built and sold junior companies before.  Now they are focused on lithium and are raising millions of dollars very quickly.

What’s more, the biggest catalyst of its short life is happening within the next 30 days.

You can throw a baseball from their property to a producing well at North America’s largest producing lithium asset.  They have the water rights.  They have the drilling permits.

This company will be getting back their own very first drill results within 30 days—setting the stage for a potential re-rating by the Market.

In two days I’ll give you the name and symbol—for free."

Wow! For free, Keith? Really? All for free and no cost? Hot damn and jiggerty that sooooooo nice of you! Nothing in it for you at all? Not trying to take advantage of my good nature by making me pay? Oh Keith, you're so nice and smiley-photo, you're the tops.

Thoughts arising:
  • In two days time Schaefer's pumping LithiumX (LIX.v) for his paymaster Frank Giustra. It's what market whores do for money. They sleep well at night afterwards, too.
  • Expect the other current Giustra performing monkey, Tommy Humphreys of, to get all breathless and onanistic about LIX in the days to come too, this is going to be another Frank Giustra full-court press pump to sheep retail as the main man unloads more shares.

UPDATE: The thrust of the above is still correct and Shaefer is still a paid whore and a Giustra lackey, but it seems I may have got the vehicle wrong this time so this update is necessary. A. Reader kindly puts me right with a mail that includes this (slightly edited to protect both innocent and guilty)

It's not LIX they are pumping, it's AAL
5 reasons
1) The "Award Winning Team" is all AAL talks about.
2) The "Stone's Throw Away From Producer" fits AAL.
3) He talks about a new company.
4) The big one, in the teaser he said they have water rights in Clayton Valley. Fact is, there is only one junior stock with water rights there and that's AAL.
5) AAL just announced drilling and drilling results to come in over the next 30 days.

Maybe too much traveling? :-)

So thanks for that kind reader "M", always appreciate being set right by smarter people than I. And yeah, definitely agree about too much travelling.