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Joyous news! The TSX Venture now accepts four letter symbols

It's always been three maximum, but as from yesterday the TSX Venture Exchange now allows companies to use four 4-letter ticker symbols. Therefore, and in the same spirit as some of IKN's fave ticker symbols, we offer a few ideas of corporate titles that could make for interesting and certainly apt tickers, knowing the normal quality levels and investability of Canadian juniors:

  • Prime Uranium Mining Prospectors
  • Direct Uranium Mining Prospectors
  • Sulfide Copper Automated Machinery
  • West Africa Nickel and Kaolin
  • Salvador Honduras Iron and Titanium
  • Associated Rhodium Scandium Enterprises

If readers would care to contribute other ideas, you know the mail address.

UPDATE: That didn't take long.

Reader C: "Ferro Uranium Queensland-Unlimited"
Reader L: "Canadian Resource Associated Partners"

And more...

Diamond Island Corporation (of the) Klondike
New Ontario Power Exploration
Canadian Rhodium & Alternative Power
Toronto Weed Applications Technologies
Vancouver Inbred Lithium Extortionists (particularly like that one, J)
Porter's Indiscreet Mining Protips
Javanese Uranium Nickel Korp
Local-Interest Energy Solutions
First International Banking Syndicate

Though I remind readers who have offered several ideas on a certain acronym that K92 got there first :-)