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This from A. Nice. Reader regarding the Joe Mazumdar presentation yesterday, found here on the blog (and still well worth your time). 

Great post on Joe Mazumdar's speech "Don't get fooled again." Lot of good advice in there, thanks. One of my favorites: "Keep looking at every new press release [from a junior] and see if it negates your thesis." It would make sense too, that in the junior mining world, generally speaking, every new piece of information points to INCREASES in odds of that project failing. Most press releases will negate your thesis, since most projects fail. Instead most investors come at each press release with confirmation bias and try to make the facts fit their theory or explain why they are already up 25% in the stock and its the next 10 bagger. I've done that once; once and never again! Your blog and the Ottotranslator have certainly helped me sharpen up and its paid off considerably, in both dollars made and in an even greater amount of dollars avoided being lost. I can't stress that enough, avoiding big losses is really the name of the game over the long haul.  Anyway, keep 'em coming!

Thanks. And yes 100% agreed, avoiding the losses is the long-haul trick in this crazy sector.