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Minera IRL: A short segment from IKN393, out later today

2) The board of directors of Minera IRL are meeting tomorrow Monday to decide whether to postpone the AGM. If they do, they will have a maximum of two weeks to re-schedule (it must take place within one calendar year of the last AGM or EGM and if memory serves, that is December 14th latest date). If they decide to postpone it means only one thing, that they know they’re losing the AGM vote and will desperately try to save their hides with some sort of Hail Mary play in the two extra weeks, potentially releasing the now overdue drilling results from Ollachea and spin-marketing with those, potentially trying to convince Rio Tinto to vote actively, potentially attacking yours truly personally. Maybe even because they want to get an extra month’s salary and find reasons to draw a few extra fat consultancy fees before getting booted out. So at this point I recognize that there’s a chance that the AGM is delayed for a couple of weeks, we’ll find out tomorrow. If it happens, just add it onto the pile of self-serving and corporately expensive decisions this board has made, but it would also be the strongest signal possible that they are losing and we are winning.