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The Dynacor Gold ( price chart makes for pretty interesting reading

What with the big pump job on the stock by the proven securities fraudster Porter Stansberry, via several arms of his nefarious mini-empire (including of course Louis Lobito Little Wolf James of Casey Research), then how it cracked away from the newly reached $3 level when IKN revealed its permitting problems in Peru for Veta Dorada (posts from early October here and here), and since then the weakness has continued.

Because this humble corner of cyberspace wasn't kidding about the legal doo-doo in which finds itself, as this letter shows.

PS: I've just been told by A. Reader that Louis James called Dynacor one of his Top Picks at the New Orleans show recently, calling the recent sell-off a great opportunity that had been caused by "an uninformed blogger". Bless him.