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Argonaut Gold ( Find The Fish

I really don't know which is more surreal, the Argonaut Gold ( CEO comments today on the drill results at their marginal junk Magino property (for which they seriously overpaid a few years ago and have constantly refused to admit it)...
"Pete Dougherty, President and CEO commented: "We liken the Magino deposit to a large river of low-grade mineralization with higher-grade fish swimming within it. In keeping with this analogy, by tightening the drill spacing to 10 to 12 metres we have been able to define additional high-grade fish."

....or the wonderful 'Find The Fish' sketch from Monty Python's Meaning of Life:

You be the judge.

UPDATE: A. Reader chimes in:

"The analogy of a sewer with turds would be more apt.

UPDATE 2: A. N. Other adds to the fun. I love my mailbag.

"'s the truth about Magino but the river is more like an ocean and the fish are really plankton."