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Derek and Clive news (KNT.v)

This is the type of bullshit dumps on unwitting idiots. Derek and Clive Resources KNT.v (okay, you know it as K92 Mining, but our name is much better), the stock pumped by Tommy Humphreys' band of delinquents to stupidly high levels in return for a fat paycheck into Tommy's back pocket, just released one of the funniest correction NRs this year and here's the magic bit:
"K92 does not expect changes to the resource estimates provided in the prior Report and no changes in the pre-tax NPV. However, a post-tax NPV will be included in the amended report. When K92 acquired the Kainantu Project, it acquired significant tax losses and these losses and other related factors will be considered and utilized in the preparation of the after-tax NPV."

Soooo....they pump it on a PEA with no post-tax economics. That's a naughty-naughty all by itself, but when you're also hiding "significant tax losses" that came from the original purchase (from Barrick), we're into another level of BS. Waddya say, owly?

And I know what Derek and Clive would say.