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Minera IRL: To blanket-answer...

...a whole bunch of mails received last night and this morning which, quite rightly, ask the paraphrased question "what now?", this post cannot go into details but we can say that now the cancerous tumour has been removed we will finally have a board of directors who will work in the interests of shareholders (for the first time since the untimely demise of Courtney). We may not get a news release this week, but rest assured there's a lot of good and productive work going on in the background right now. A few days of patience will do us all well, this company is finally back on the right track.

I can also report that the local subsidiary of Minera IRL Ltd, Minera IRL S.A., is very very happy to have got rid of the parasite board of cowards who were sucking the company dry because they knew IRL was about to be sold down the river by Coward Weyrauch but had to keep quiet. The culture of fear that board installed has now been lifted, they will now be able to work with the mothership company.

Hopefully, this wraps up my last ever post on Minera IRL. As the company will now become far more transparent and shareholder-friendly, there will be no need to get the necessary information from a pissant loudmouth blogger. Thanks for all your help, fellow shareholders. We can chalk this one up as a tiny victory for doing mining the right way.