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So here's my question about Arizona Mining ( and manganese

You know that feeling you get when you suspect a junior mining company isn't disclosing everything it should? In two of its NRs in this whole manganese brouhaha, Arizona Mining ( has claimed the following:
  • With further work done, they claim to be able to optimize the concentrates to create a cleaner product (regrinds, treatments etc).
  • They also claim that the penalty they'd incur on Mn content is "approximately 1%" of the value of the concentrate "and is therefore immaterial".

Hence the question: If it's immaterial, why spend time and money to attempt optimization? Why consider an expense-laden re-grind for your operation, or extra machinery for your circuit?

Meanwhile, a luckily timed NR out of this morning on a "major step-out hole". We know the Zn content because they tell us (22.8%). As yet no word on the Mn content.