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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Goldcorp (GG) ( files its year end financials". This is a subject covered by all the big wires and anal ysts in their companies, but lil' ol' IKN still managed to get plenty of hits by being quick off the mark and getting a post with the main points out there just minutes after the result NR had hit (and when NYSE after hours trading was still happening). 

Second Place: "Place your bets for the next financing". My bet on MUX was a loser, my pal's bet on Kinross won him three beers. But one thing's for sure, there are going to be a whole bunch of new financings coming your way soon, large medium and small.

First Place: "It's a TKO: Taseko Mines's Ross Hallbauer goes full trainwreck on BNN" and this one deserves all the hits it got, though I'll admit I'm responsible for about half a dozen of them because I came back to this post and watched the trainwreck several extra times during the week. It's pretty hellish and I still can't get over that "while you were drinking eggnog..." stupidity. This guy earned $2.2m last year, by the way. Crazy world.


That Goldcorp Guerrero kidnapping story

Just in case you haven't seen it yet. Here's an English language version from Mexico Weekly:
A two-year-old boy was kidnapped yesterday morning as a Canadian-owned gold mine and its employees continue to be a target for criminals in Guerrero.

Two men and a woman were waiting outside the home of Gonzalo Godines García in the Los Sauces neighborhood of Chilpancingo when he left for work at the Goldcorp mine in Carrizalillo about 6:30am.

He was taken back into his house at gunpoint where he was tied up with his wife. The assailants then made off with the couple’s toddler son, Gonzalo Godines Almazán, after his parents told them they could not meet their ransom demand.

The kidnappers said they would return the child when the parents were able to make the payment. Continues here

But don't worry Canada, it's just one of those families of brown people, not like it's anything important right? And for sure the narco gangs won't use this method again, just a one-off, right?

The Friday OT: Beethoven, symphony 7, 2nd movement, Bernstein, Vienna Philharmonic

Instead of putting the whole 35 minutes in front of you, let's get straight to the point. The second movement of the 7th is one of the better reasons to have had ears over the last 200 years, an affirmation of the tender painful complexities of the gift of conscious life.

Leonard laid down this version in 1978. It rocks. Youtube link here:

Brio Gold spinout 2.0: IT'S ON!

Peter Marrone wants his millionaire deal commish and he doesn't care how much it costs (you AUY shareholders).

The Brio Gold (aka Brio-X) spinout 2.0 is in the pipeline, official news soon.

Peru presidential poll: Keiko's lead remains strong, Guzmán in clear second place

Pollster CPI came out with its latest voter intention poll for the Peru presidential election this morning and here's a chart with the main news:

  • Keiko's "thirty plus" rating has been solid for months and months, she remains the clear leader but doesn't have a chance of winning in round one (April 10th).
  • Julio Guzmán is having a good week. His candidacy problems have been (all but) cleared up by the Peru electoral body and he's going to be a candidate, no throwing out at the last minute. Plus this poll, which puts him in a clear second place in front of "the dinosaurs".
  • César Acuña is down 5.3% from the last CPI poll of last month and is not having a good week. Not having a good year in fact. Good. Goodbye.
  • PPK has dropped away badly and Alan García's campaign has been a dead duck so far. Both surprises for your humble scribe, both part of Peru's shift away from The Usual Suspects and towards the new face of Guzmán.
  • The above covers 72.5% of voter intention. The rest is covered by the minor vote candidates (there are another 13 left in, intention for each starts at 4.1% and goes lower and lower) and the spoil ballot/don't know/no answer brigade.

Bottom line: It's going to be Guzmán versus Keiko in the second round run-off.

Credit Suisse on the Goldcorp (GG) ( quarter

Here's a screenshot from my mailbox. The script, plus their 'neutral' rating, can be neatly translated as "make like a shepherd"*:

This information was, of course, brought to you by IKN twelve minutes after GG's filing last night, no need to wait twelve hours. We just use dramatic irony, rather than cute anal yst speak.
*get the flock outta there

Chart of the day is...

...zinc , five year spot (thanks Kitco, nice people):

Unlike you, I am unimpressed with zinc's recent rise. Perhaps because I prefer to get my information about supply and demand for the metal from real data and stats, not zinc miner corporate presentations.

More on the Richard Fifer arrest

According to a reports, this is a win for Interpol as they saw his name come up on the flight from Portugal to Colombia (aren't computers useful?) and, having a Red Alert next to his name, the inter-cops were ready and waiting for him at Bogotás's El Dorado airport. He was promptly arrested and placed under the Interpol "controlled transit" protocol, which basically means he couldn't chekc into that five star hotel he had booked but has to stay as a guest of the police at the airport until he's put on a plane to Panamá. That should be today and when he arrives there, he gets arrested charged and remanded for the charges IKN told you about recently (all that selling property twice thing, gotta love the guy).


Good news regarding Richard Fifer (petaquilla gold etc)

He was arrested yesterday in Colombia. He should be deported back to Panama today, at which point he'll be charged with fraud.

By the way, this case has the potential to cause First Quantum some embarrassment. Let's see how things develop.

In the IKN Weekly on Sunday

The main anal ysis will be on Sandstorm (SAND) ( The legwork and numberwork is 90% done, the piece still needs to be written though. Basically I'm posting it here so that I don't talk myself out of publishing on the thing, whuss that I am.

So it goes.

Goldcorp (GG) ( files its year end financials

 So what about some highlights

  • If you take a happy medium, production forecast for 2016 is around 10% lower than the 2015 booked production
  • It's cutting the dividend from 2c per month to 2c per quarter
  • It mined 3.4m oz gold in 2015, but in the same period reserves dropped by 8.9m oz.
  • It lost a over billion dollars on operations in the fourth quarter.
  • It took a $4.9Bn impairment.

But apart from that, great quarter! NR here.

Minera IRL files this

Last night, filed to SEDAR

What that means: Robin Fryer wants to de-list the stock from Canada. Amother sneaky behind-back move from Team Hodges.

Anal ysis of the Teranga Gold ( ( 4q15 financials in just two words

In line.

Cesar Acuña: The fall of a sociopath

What If I told you:

  • That a successful academic, who built on his academic success by founding a university and making himself very rich indeed, was running for the Presidency of your country.
  • That he was running second in voter intention polls with just three months to go before the vote.
  • That suddenly people found out that his academic background was suspect, including an extremely strong case of plagiarism (we covered on IKN right here on January 27th) in his Master's degree.
  • That further investigation found evidence of plagiarism in his original bachelor's degree.
  • Then when it seemed it couldn't get any worse, he was found to have taken a academic-level book written by his university professor, changed the name of the author to his own, then passed it off as his own work for 15 years, including several new editions.
  • But when faced with that latest charge of intellectual theft, he held a press conference to show, via a document he waved to the press corps but didn't let them see close-up, he had permission to co-author the book from his professor, something that the professor strenuously denies.
  • And as cherry on top of the cake, when people started investigating the document used by the candidate as evidence he was in the right, they found that the professor's signature had been forged. 

That man is César Acuña.

Sorry people, you up there don't have the monopoly on weird-ass election candidates, the 2016 Peru Presidential election is almost as much fun. The fall of César Acuña, up to this year one of Peru's apparent "success story" businesspeople, has been the classic cliché witnessing of the slow motion car wreck, the man's reputation is in ruins. And despite overwhelming evidence of his academic cheating he simply denies it all, for example the lifting of six pages of somebody else's work in his Master's thesis without any footnoting, credit or acknowledgement was called "an error, not plagiarism". Yesterday his deputy Vice-Presidential candidate resigned from the party ticket and the the Peruvian Electoral Ethics Committee described him as "unfit for office". 

The good news in all this is that the Peruvian citizenry are not stupid and his voter intention has dropped off a cliff, from 15% and 12% to 6% as per last weekend. As for who will make the second round run-off, it's looking more and more like Keiko Fujimori versus the surprise outsider Julio Guzmán, who got the green light to remain in the race yesterday from the Peru election people after some iffy 2015 part paperwork was cleared up.

Chart of the day is..., dailies:

As subscribers of The IKN Weekly know, I've been selling a few positions into this pop and taking profits (they've also probably worked out I've been selling them a little early and leaving cash on the table for others, we'll deal with that Sunday ladies and gentlemen). I also have a couple of others I'd like to sell before the month is done. On the other hand that doesn't suddenly make me a gold bear; far from it, I see it going higher, we're talking portfolio management nothing else (aka "getting too cute").

To the point: There's a lot of script out there on gold all of a sudden, not just from the permabulls (hint for gold neophytes: Check to see if the person giving you "advice" today was telling us that the Gold Apple iWatch would change the worldwide supply/demand for the metal this time last year, it'll give you a clear inside as to their integrity and mental capacity). The crux of it all is "what price gold tomorrow" and as IKN likes to Keep It Simple Stupid, there's the call on the chart above. I'm not expecting a re-trace under U$1,200/oz, I think it's perfectly possible and if it happens, the sector's mining stocks will deflate for a while. So I'm raising a bit of cash.

PS: Some music to accompany this post.

We can wipe you out anytime


Bart Simpson has a message for Teck, Yamana, Eldorado, HudBay and all companies hoodwinking the naive in their financial reports

Stop this, will you? "(Operating) cash flow before changes in (non-cash) working capital" or whatever other combo of words DOES NOT EXIST


You're making it up as you go along. You cannot mine something out the ground and then pretend the rock is still there. That's the reason why there are GAAP rules and that's why your freakin' made-up terminology IS NOT PART OF GAAP. Those four are offenders in the last three days, by the way, there are many more. This bullcrap way of hiding losses needs to be stamped on right now, it's getting way too common and people with more money than sense* are going to start thinking it means something.

*99% of people who invest in mining stocks

And the answer to IKN's Monday question... to who's next in the financing window:

Special K, $250m bot deal at $3. 

FWIW, among your humble scribe's little e-mail focus groupette (four of us) there was a winner. It wasn't me, obviously (I went for MUX and lost a beer). The dozen or so guesses received from others were all failures too. Hot damn the IKN Focus Group is strong.

A Franco Nevada (FNV) price chart

Interesting I think, what with its market leader status:

Three's a charm or same-as-it-ever-was? You be the judge.

UPDATE: FNV just broke though U$60.

Quick admin post about the IKN Daily Digest e-mail service

Good to see so many of you coming on board the daily digest email service (all the previous day's IKN posts sent to you in a morning mailer, click here for the thingy) and joining the thousands hundreds dozens about seven people who get their dosage of this humble corner of cyberspace in an easily swallowed lump.

However a piece of admin advice is necessary, you need to open the auto-mail that Google/Feedburner sends you and click on the link, otherwise you remain unverified and the mailer doesn't get sent. Here's a screen shot of the last couple of days from the list of new names (names and company mail addresses deleted, for obvious reasons):

See what I mean? The auto-mail may get shuffled off to your spambox. If so, find it, open, click, have nice day.

Exchanging on Lithium X (LIX.v) with the right end of the street

You out there get to hear the haters pile on IKN for telling you the truth about Lithium X (LIX.v). It's a charge led by Tommy Humphreys, one of the "10 to 20" who now fears for his cheap scam payola in March. 

Meanwhile, IKN gets to exchange with real Howe St. people, the ones who are capitalists through and through but aren't trying to rip off the retail investor public at any given opportunity (and believe me, sadly the good'uns are the exception not the rule). Here below are two mails between your humble scribe and Person X this morning, who cannot possibly be named but has forgotten more than you or I know about the Canadian mining scene.

First what I wrote to Person X as a reply (to a first mail that I won't show you, I have permission to publish just one of his):
Correct and correct. 
I fell out bigtime with Tim Oliver when he decided to join that scam, told him in no uncertain words what I thought. So when he bailed I didn't get to hear from him firsthand (he's still mad at me, i don't care) but I know second-hand that he saw for himself the scam and, to give him credit, got out before his reputation was damaged. He can't make any public comments (obviously) and i dunno what he did with his options, but tail-between-legs exit, eso sin duda che.
It's a complete Vancouver Howe St BS special.

Now what Person X wrote back:
That’s the problem though. LIX won’t die suddenly. I’ve seen the movie before. The Giustra jet engine will suck in its followers into the jet-intake, the street will eat Frank’s 2 cents of acb from his shell for years to come. 10-20 people will make money on this, all Frank’s inner circle.

There are so many other ways you the retail investment community get ripped off by these sharks with smiling faces, but it's a window on just one of the techniques. I'm not telling you to go long or short LIX.v, I'm telling you to avoid these scam plays like the plague, it's high time these rip-offs got ignored and just atrophy on their own. Do Not Feed The Animals.

PS: Even though he's pissed at me, I'm glad Tim Oliver is out of LIX. He's an honourable guy and did the right thing. Hopefully one day he'll speak to me again.

PPS: Honoured your Patsy Cline bet yet, Frank? Planning to soon? Or were you "just joking around"?

It's so bullish out there in the miner's sector that...

...Great Panther Silver is over a Loonie again
...bankers are phoning Keith Neumeyer and offering him money.
...even IAMGOLD is going up.
...Metanor is getting buy calls from people who aren't paid by the company to tout the stock (Caesar's Report, Jay Taylor, usual suspects).
...people are mailing IKN Nerve Centre to tell your humble scribe about their pet theories for silver and how there will be no slump after PDAC.
...Carl Icahn looks as though he has a clue about commodities companies.
...the market thinks Capstone won't go broke.*

PS: Consider this a stop-gap offering, I'm still distracted by things outside of work and don't really have much inspiration to post a whole bunch at the moment. Check back another day for the frivolity and invective and revealing market-moving exclusives and stuff. Your life doesn't revolve around this blog, neither does mine.

UPDATE: Reader 'ST' chirps in with...

It's so bullish out there in the miner's sector that people are buying B2Gold

Oh, snap! Fret not ST, I can take 'em on the chin.

*okay, exaggerating there. Apologies.

OT: Looking for a book?

(A repeat showing by popular request*)

  • Want a book?
  • Want a book about a subject in China?
  • Want it in an English translation?
  • Looking high and low for a copy? 

Well perhaps you'd better keep searching in another place.

*One person. IKN's idea of popular doesn't necessarily have to coincide with yours.

Chart of the day is...

...Pretium (PVG) vs the precious metals miners' ETF (GDX):

Kinda quiet out there in OttoKnowsNothingLand, hey Tommy...


For secret reasons...

...posting will be light this morning.

UPDATE: Make that all day. 


To quote John Lennon...

..."Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".

Great photo from Barcelona today.

Argentina to market a U$15Bn bond in order to pay the Vulture Funds

That's the news this evening. And the Macri government now estimates it will need U$20Bn to cover all the payments they're going to make to the US Funds. Ex-FinMin under CFK, Axel Kicillof has already called this "negotiation" the scam of the century. Now we're starting to be drop-fed some hard numbers, it's difficult to deny that he has a point.

Hilarity ensued.

Place your bets for the next financing (IKN sez MUX)

Tonight we have PretiVm Roman Empire (PVG) going for U$120m. We also have MAG Silver ( (MVG) going bot deal on U$65m. So the obvious question is....who's next?

IKN's ten shillings and sixpence is on McEwen Mining (MUX) because:
  • Robbie Mac is many things, but theres no denying he's sharp as a tack.
  • The base shelf prospectus is already filed pre-Xmas, sitting there all ready and waiting.
  • He wants maybe U$50m to build Gold Bar.
  • The stock has doubled and back to an honourable level. He won't get pushback on dilution.

So there you go. Got any better ideas out there?

The Pretium (PVG) term sheet

120 large at overnight marketed price. Explains at least one part of the recent weakness.

Pretium Resources Inc.. (TSX/NYSE: PVG) -- Overnight Marketed ~US$120MM of Common Shares -- Priced in the context of market (last trade: US$5.05)

Prospectus Timetable
February 22, 2016: Preliminary Prospectus Supplement FiledFebruary 23, 2016: Final Pricing/Terms and Prospectus Supplement Filed March 1, 2016: Closing of Offering
Transaction Summary
Leads: CIBC/RBC/Scotiabank 17.83% each
Co-Managers: TBD 46.51%
Treasury Issuer: Pretium Resources Inc. (“Pretium” or the “Company”) 
Issue:Offering (the “Offering”) of approximately ● common shares (the “Common Shares”). 
Issue Price: U.S.$● per Common Share, which shall be determined by the Company and the Underwriters in connection with the marketing process. 
AmountApproximately U.S.$120,000,000. 
Over-Allotment Option: The Company has granted the Underwriters an option, exercisable at the Issue Price for a period of 30 days following the closing of the Offering, to purchase up to an additional U.S.$10,000,000 of Common Shares to cover over-allotments, if any.  
Use of Proceeds:The Company intends to use the net proceeds of the Offering (i) to fund development of the Brucejack Project, (ii) for working capital during start-up and (iii) for general corporate purposes. 
Form of Offering:Offered by way of a shelf prospectus in all provinces of Canada, except Quebec, in the United States pursuant to the Multi-Jurisdictional Disclosure System, and internationally as expressly permitted by the Company.
ListingThe existing common shares of Pretium are listed on the TSX and the NYSE under the symbol “PVG”. 
Eligibility: The Common Shares issued in this offering will be a qualified investment for RRSPs, RRIFs, DPSPs, RDSPs, RESPs and TFSA’s. 
Pricing Date: On or about February 23, 2016.  
Closing Date: On or about March 1, 2016. 
Comment: This is an overnight marketed offering for Common Shares in US$ priced in the context of the market (last trade: US$5.05). 

The real lithium growth story

While the Vancouver promotion community tries to sucker you all into LIX.v, we here at IKN concentrate on the real happenings in the growth world of Lithium. The following is a small segment from IKN354, out last night.

Lithium in Chile: Where the big boys go
Not fake scams in Clayton Valley, here’s where the real lithium action is and will happen. Since President Bachelet announced a few weeks ago that lithium would become a strategic mineral and subject to separate growth plans during her government, the interest in the metal in Chile (and its continued stratospheric price rises on the world market, with battery-grade Lithium Carbonate now apparently fetching up to U$28,000/tonne) has gone mainstream.

Last week we had a new round of news with, depending on which report you read (here are two as examples (16) (17)), between six and nine foreign companies having already made formal approaches to Chile’s Ministry of Energy and Mines as regards lithium concessions, exploration, development and even production plans, with two of those inquiries including full scale presentations on planned development and production. The names of companies haven’t been officially released but reporters have already identified a few of the companies looking to move into the Chilean lithium sector and they’re some of the biggest in the world, including South Korea’s POSCO, Australia’s Talison, Japanese lithium specialist Li Energy and a company from the United States called Tesla, a name that’s probably familiar to you already.

I’ve made this point before and I’ll make it again, when it comes to lithium Chile is the number one world producer but more importantly, when it comes to the growth potential of lithium production Chile is also number one. It has the permitting procedure down pat, the infrastructure is there, the country is very miner-friendly in both fiscal and judicial terms and the scalability of its Li sector means it will ramp up faster than any other region in the world (and that includes Clayton Valley, an area play promotion scam par excellence).

Frank Giustra and all his suck-up pals at think you're stupid. Don't prove it to them. When LIX.v dies its death (and it will), don't let it die with your money inside it.

Chart of the day is...

...the gold/silver ratio (yet again):

Why insist with this chart? To put the spotlight on those blithering idiots out there who called silver to run further and higher than gold during this current rebound (and have done so since time immemorial). We're now at a GSR of 80.3 to 1 this morning, silver continues to lose relative value against gold and why on earth you guys bought up all those silver miners last week is beyond me, I can think of only two offhand that are truly profitable (and even they are priced very expensively). 

The thing with the silver rah-rah brigade is their hypocrisy; you can't get them to shut up if their metal of desire pops a dollar but point out some simple facts, like supply (production was up YoY in 2015, not down) or the annoying little point about Ag being an industrial commodity metal first and foremost (oh they hate that one) and they'll start trolling you for being on the Goldman Sachs payroll or whatever. 

Silver is the vehicle of investment preferred by stupid people. The end.


It's a TKO: Taseko Mines's Ross Hallbauer goes full trainwreck on BNN

 Man thinking about the 3 million places where he'd rather be

My thanks to reader 'MS' who sent the link to this BNN segment into IKN Nerve Centre. Here's what MS had to say about it:
Could this be the worst performance ever by a mining company CEO on national TV? What was he thinking?
Answer: Honestly dunno MS, but if there is a worse one than this I want to see it. Ross Hallbauer, the pres/CEO of Taseko, was on Canada's biz teevee Friday lunchtime to answer questions about the proxy fight the company now faces. It starts gently enough (though from the getgo you can see he's ill at ease), because questions about the $26m spent by Taseko (and plenty of that on fees to parent company Hunter Dickinson) with nothing to show for their efforts are batted back with standard "corporate governance" and "board approval" answers. But then, at around 1:15, the interviewer asks him just how independent the board is when three of its members are also on the Hunter Dickinson board. From this point it goes downhill fast for Hallbauer, from ouch to aaargh and beyond embarrassing. With eggnog. A case study on how not to be a TV CEO, go see it all right here.

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN354 has just been sent to subscribers. It has words and pictures and continues to bang the table on one stock above all. It's not LIX.

Global Mining Observer is out...

...with, among many other things, a profile of the man who would be king of De Beers, Stephen Lussier. Also features on the gold price, Barrick, Vale and a whole lot more. Fine fayre.

GMO is essential weekly reading for mineheads and what's more is totally free. All you need to do is sign up and it goes to your inbox every week.

Chewing the cud on Donald Trump

Your humble scribe and a couple of mailpals have been giving the whole Donald Trump thing a bit of back and forth via mails this morning, what with his South Carolina win last night. Here's one of the mails I wrote to them, it's making the blog after one of the mailpals suggested it could be fun to see on the blog.


I think on one level Trump's campaign is clever. He (or his team) has identified that there's been a big growth in GOP supporters who are 1) disenfranchised with the whole political system and 2) are plug dumb stupid. So he pitches to them, he gains their support with the most facile of slogans ("he's gonna make America great again because it says so on his baseball cap"), keeps them amused and entertained with anti-system potshots that fit his "You're Fired!" TV personality.

My question: What happens in round 2 of the campaign, when he gets the GOP nomination (which now seems likely) and is up against (probably) Hillary? The classic move is towards the centre, to pick up the support of the 4% or 5% of US citizens who swing the country either way in any given election. He'll have the mouthbreathers sewn up and on his side by then, he won't need to pander to them any longer, they've served his Round One purpose. He'll be able to soundbite himself as more intelligent, surprise people with his "depth of understanding on the issues", all the racist sexist bigotry bile is filed away for another day. He'll lull them to sleep, he's going to look least worst among moderate GOPpers who couldn't possibly vote for him in the primaries but just the thought of tactically voting a Clinton into office in order to avoid a circus barker in the oval office brings them out in a cold sweat.

And Hillary, like her or not, has a whole trainload of baggage, is an easy target on several fronts and isn't a person who the undecided will happily float towards. She's the dream opposition for Trump, his negative attacks will be an onslaught. And though I like Sanders and his policies (you up there call him commie, he's classic centre-left no more) he's doesn't have a chance. So how does DEM stop Trump? If Mikey B runs independently he'll take more votes away from Hillary than The Donald, he opens the door for Trump. So as far as I can see, the only way is if Bloomberg gets the DEM nomination, or creates a Bloomberg/Hillary ticket. Either that or it's Donald vs Hillary and I have no idea which way that one will go, it's a big risk scenario.

All that's on one level, Trump's campaign has been, quite literally, a revelation. But on the most important level this is craziness squared, it's nuts, the most powerful country in the world is on course to put a sociopath in charge! And I was worried about Sarah Palin being Veep under McCain, seriously, this is the Doomsday Clock at a whole different level. I too fear for the world, seriously.

UPDATE: Nice  feedback from reader PB, here below. I'm fully aware that this whole "Trump Thing" must have been debated to death up there already and I know that it's extremely unlikely that I'm adding anything new to the chattersphere (and I'm certainly aware that my dos centavitos makes no difference whatsoever to the greater scheme of things). What I can tell you is that I haven't been following the debate, so when smarter people have done the legwork already it's only right that I point you their way. Thanks again, PB.


allow me to introduce you to some alternative points of view on the donald:

Donald Trump and the politics of resentment (the archdruid report)
On the next one start with what he himself says is the most important one, then you can go from there if you so choose:
The Trump master persuader index and reading list (Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoons)

IKN back with a PS: I had no idea Scott Adams had been so this active on the subject, there's a whole series there waiting for you.

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "A quick thought on the gold/silver ratio". It really was nothing but a quick thought as well, but for some reason it took off and got far more hits than it deserved (even more than that "Tahoe/Lake Shore deal in trouble" post). I'll never cease to be mystified about what's popular and what's not on the interwebnetpipes.

Second Place: "PretiVm (PVG) ( forgot to thank its ex-COO". There's something wrong at PVG and you don't need me to tell you that, just look at its share price underperformance through this current rally. Supposedly a full-on World Class project and with all the rah-rah backing you could wish for, it can't catch a bid in a bucket at the moment.

First Place: "Lithium X (LIX.v): Never underestimate the power of a Frank Giustra bullshit pump during a market bull period". Ahhh Frank, you're always good for a popular post. But on this specific occasion I can tell you exactly why this post got a whole bucketful of hits (and it wasn't for you Tommy H, you don't even register on the map). It's because IKN is the only place that's saying out loud what thousands of mining sector people are thinking.

A sad fact: The serious side of the Canadian mining world is saying the same thing about this scam pump but they're all too chickenshit to say anything in public. It's pathetic how sycophantic kowtow merchants cheer on IKN and send in mails to say "oooh Otto you're absolutely right about LIX" but not one has the guts to stand up and speak truth to power, say what's blatantly obvious about LIX in public, preferring to hide behind your laptop screens and cower in your cubicles. You're all too worried about pissing off Big Frank (metaphorically speaking only, of course) and getting your career put on stall. How you dare accuse Giustra of doubletalk and sleight of hand when if given the same chance you'd do exactly the same is beyond me.