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The Friday OT: Alabama 3; Hypo Full of Love (the 12 Step Plan)

I've spent at least two months re-hooked on the unique sound of Alabama 3. Here we get them loving mens, loving womens, loving all God's creatures.

No sir mister dope fiend, no fish today!

No more CUM shots!

Oh man, I laughed when I saw this today

Copper Mountain changes ticker symbol to CMMC

VANCOUVER, Dec. 2, 2016 /CNW/ - Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (TSX: CUM) (the "Company" or "Copper Mountain") announces the change of its TSX ticker symbol. Effective Tuesday, December 6,  2016, Copper Mountain Mining Corporation's new TSX symbol will be CMMC.
The Cusip number for Copper Mountain shares will remain unchanged. Outstanding stock certificates are not affected by the ticker symbol change and do not need to be exchanged.
About Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

The Silver Range Resources (SNG.v) 2016 Northern projects review

I don't own Silver Range Resources (SNG.v) stock (yet), but I have a lot of respect for Mike Power and with that in mind, I want to put this in front of your face...

...the company's  2016 Northern projects review, published yesterday. Youtube here. H/T reader C.


In The IKN Weekly this Sunday...

...the main event will be a long answer to a simple question: Red Eagle Mining ( buy, hold  or sell?

Minera IRL: To blanket-answer...

...a whole bunch of mails received last night and this morning which, quite rightly, ask the paraphrased question "what now?", this post cannot go into details but we can say that now the cancerous tumour has been removed we will finally have a board of directors who will work in the interests of shareholders (for the first time since the untimely demise of Courtney). We may not get a news release this week, but rest assured there's a lot of good and productive work going on in the background right now. A few days of patience will do us all well, this company is finally back on the right track.

I can also report that the local subsidiary of Minera IRL Ltd, Minera IRL S.A., is very very happy to have got rid of the parasite board of cowards who were sucking the company dry because they knew IRL was about to be sold down the river by Coward Weyrauch but had to keep quiet. The culture of fear that board installed has now been lifted, they will now be able to work with the mothership company.

Hopefully, this wraps up my last ever post on Minera IRL. As the company will now become far more transparent and shareholder-friendly, there will be no need to get the necessary information from a pissant loudmouth blogger. Thanks for all your help, fellow shareholders. We can chalk this one up as a tiny victory for doing mining the right way.


Minera IRL: Trio of cowards update

I respect Frank O'Kelly for taking it on the chin. Seriously, that's what a man does. I doff my cap to you, sir.

Weyrauch, Schafer and Bavin are pure cowards. Fuck all three of them, the weasels. Tried to screw over us shareholders and when the vote went massively against them they prefer to resign rather than get the numbers against their worthless names. And by the way George Bee, you are just as much as a f----ard as the worms you call colleagues.

Here's the NR, here's a segment


Board of Directors
Pursuant to the articles of association of the Company (the "Articles"), each of the five directors of the Company in office prior to the AGM were proposed for election/re-election at the AGM.
  1. Prior to the AGM, each of Mr Julian Bavin, Mr Derrick Weyrauch and Mr Robert Schafer withdrew their consent to stand for election/re-election and as such the resolutions relating to such directors were not put to the AGM. Accordingly, each of Mr Bavin, Mr Weyrauch and Mr Schafer are no longer directors of the Company.
  1. The resolutions to elect/re-elect each of Mr Francis O Kelly and Mr Gerardo Perez were put to the AGM.
  1. The resolution to elect Mr O Kelly was not passed and as such Mr O Kelly is no longer a director of the Company.
  1. The resolution to elect Mr Perez was passed and as such Mr Perez remains the sole director of the Company.
Pursuant to the Articles, Mr Perez has authority to appoint further directors. The minimum number of directors with which the board can make substantive decisions is three, so Mr Perez intends to appoint an additional two or more directors as soon as practicable.
Other resolutions
The resolutions to accept the financial statements of the Company for the year ended December 31, 2015 and to appoint PKF Littlejohn LLP to be the auditor of the Company for next year were passed.
The resolutions to adopt new articles of association and granting the directors the authority to allot up to 115,567,514 ordinary shares without the application of the Company's pre-emptive rights described in Article 6.1 of the Articles did not pass, and will not be put into effect.


Now that Continental Gold ( has got its EIA...

...McEwen Mining (MUX) can make its formal buyout bid.

An ah wudda gotten away with it too...

...if it wasn't for you meddlin' kids an' that dawg.

(guess which company has news?)

Posting will be light...

...on the blog this Wednesday. For secret reasons.


Catching up with GLD bullion inventory levels

The news out of Medellín this morning and the deeply moving scenes at the Chapecoense stadium have knocked the stuffing out of your humble scribe, there's not much impetus or will to say snarky things about unimportant people today. But I'm going to make an effort to stay on-topic and here's a start, a catch-up on the inventory data at the world's biggest gold bullion ETF, GLD:

please note cut down Y-axis

As of yesterday we're down to 885.04 metric tonnes, over 30 tonnes lower than the day before Brexit. Data from here.




HudBay ( (HBM) and the big boot forward

Debt problem? What debt problem? Just boot it forwards guys, nobody'll notice that way. Here's the NR, here's the top bit:

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - November 28, 2016) - HudBay Minerals Inc. ("Hudbay" or the "company") (HBM) (HBM) today announced that it is offering US$1.0 billion aggregate principal amount of senior notes in two series, including a series of senior notes due 2023 (the "2023 Notes") and a series of senior notes due 2025 (the "2025 Notes" and, together with the 2023 Notes, the "New Notes"). The aggregate principal amount, interest rate and other terms of each series of the New Notes will be determined at pricing and are dependent upon market conditions and other factors.
Hudbay also announced today that it is commencing an offer to purchase for cash (the "Tender Offer") any and all of its outstanding US$920 million aggregate principal amount of 9.500% senior notes due 2020 (the "Existing Notes") on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in an offer to purchase and consent solicitation statement dated November 28, 2016 (the "Offer to Purchase").

continues here

Minera IRL: Ahhh, you gotta read this one!

Right here, and here's the full paste-out:

LIMA, PERU, Nov 28, 2016 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- LIMA, PERU--(Marketwired - Nov 28, 2016) - Minera IRL Ltd ("Minera" or "Company") (bvlac:MIRL) wishes to refute certain unsubstantiated statements made publicly by IKN Blog and others.
The statement, "Peruvian shareholders believe that the newly constituted board is still trying to usurp the company and pave the way for a below market value sale or to enable themselves to take a significant position in the company," has no basis whatsoever. The Board's sole interest is in getting the Company relisted and shareholder value restored, and has acted diligently to restore trading on the Canadian and Peruvian exchanges and is awaiting final regulatory approval to rescind the "cease trade order." The Board is also arranging a procedure for UK shareholders to trade their shares on the CSE, such that no shareholder in the Company will be prejudiced by the interim arrangements.
The Company maintains that the blog statement that the one-time owners of the Ollachea licences - RT - are "attempting to steal the Ollachea project" is a fantasy designed to destabilize the social licences with the Ollachea Community and mislead shareholders. Management is entirely convinced that RT has no interest in the Ollachea mine, since it contains resources well below that company's threshold for investment, and RT is known to want to divest their Minera shares once the Company is approved for trading. Furthermore, RT has not communicated with the Company regarding internal matters, and has not influenced the Board's decisions in any way.
Finally, the Company vigorously denies that there is any discord between the Board and local management, who are doing an exemplary job in difficult circumstances, both with the Corihuarmi mine and realization of the Ollachea project. The Board and Management are united in their dedication to advance the interests of the Company for the benefit of all stakeholders.

I could go on about this one for hours. Let's just start with the two quotes, first this one:

"The statement, "Peruvian shareholders believe that the newly constituted board is still trying to usurp the company and pave the way for a below market value sale or to enable themselves to take a significant position in the company," has no basis whatsoever."

Saying that statement has no basis is a lie, because that is exactly what I was told by the mentioned Peruvian shareholders, between them owners of many millions of IRL shares. As for the second supposed quote, that Rio Tinto (they refer to them as RT) are...

"attempting to steal the Ollachea project"

....that's not even a quote! I just ran those words through the blog, both in and out of quote marks, and there's not a single return! It's a made-up quote! You don't even get a post with the words "steal" and "Ollachea" together in the post-Pinto era. People, if you're going to make up shit, please don't put it in quote marks.

Then there's this...
"The Board is also arranging a procedure for UK shareholders to trade their shares on the CSE, such that no shareholder in the Company will be prejudiced by the interim arrangements."
...which is magical. So now they've abandoned all pretext of returning to the AIM and thanks to the truth being spelled out clearly on this blog, they admit that the company will permanently leave the AIM. And yes indeed, that means that all the large insto shareholders of London listed shares will be virtually forced to sell all their position at the first possible opportunity and cave the stock price. 

And the cherry on the cake?
"...the Company vigorously denies that there is any discord between the Board and local management"
Oh my stars! Derrick Weyrauch, you live in your own little dream world. You seriously think the disgusting way you treated virtually every single member of the local management went un-noticed? And then of course you may note the things they don't mention, such as the way Frank O'Kelly didn't read the MIC but signed off on it wasn't mentioned, or the way the 115m share dilution plan isn't mentioned, or the massive consultancy fees they've awarded themselves, or the way the Eagle boys have usurped the company, or the way RTZ might not have contacted them but they sure did contact RTZ, or...hell, this is too easy. Anyway, thanks guys for giving me my first ever hat-tip in a subheader. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that the blog didn't make the title line, but you can't win 'em all I suppose.

Good news to report

Lawrie Williams is out of hospital, eight weeks after suffering a stroke. Keep on getting well Lawrie, now in more comfortable surroundings.

Chart of the day is...

...the gold/copper ratio:

"Are we nearly there yet, dad?"
"Yes son, we're nearly there."


Minera IRL: This letter...

...has just been sent to all members of the board of directors of Minera IRL by a lawyer representing at least one of the dissident Peruvian shareholders (probably more of them in fact). I have been given permission to re-print it here on the blog:


Dear Sirs

Minera IRL Limited
I am writing in relation to the annual general meeting of the Company to be held on 30 November 2016 at 900-885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 3H1 (the "AGM") at which 9 resolutions (the "Resolutions") are to be proposed for consideration by the shareholders of the Company (the "Shareholders").
The content of this email may carry implications for the Board of Directors of the Company (the "Board").  I therefore recommend that the contents of this note are reviewed carefully.
I would note the following points:
  1. The Company is incorporated in Jersey.  Accordingly, the Board and the Chairman of the AGM (the "Chairman") are obliged to conduct the AGM in accordance with Jersey law.  The Courts of Jersey will have jurisdiction with respect to any matter brought before them with respect to the AGM.
  1. I understand that, as a matter of Jersey law, neither the Board nor the Chairman has the discretion to: (i) postpone, adjourn or otherwise delay the AGM (except in very limited circumstances); or (ii) withdraw and/or (except in very limited circumstances) alter the Resolutions or the terms of the business to be considered by Shareholders at the AGM.  I further understand that any attempt by the Board or the Chairman to take such action will be unlawful and may give Shareholders certain rights to challenge any such action in the Courts of Jersey and otherwise may give rise to certain rights and remedies against the Company and/or the Board personally.
  1. In addition, I understand that failure to hold an annual general meeting by 31 December 2016 may give rise to criminal liability on the part of the relevant members of the Board personally and/or the Company pursuant to the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 (as amended) as failure to provide Shareholders with the opportunity to challenge and question the Board at the AGM is seen as a serious breach of corporate governance under Jersey law.
  1. This reflects that it is a key principle of Jersey law that Shareholders are entitled to receive full notice of the matters to be considered at the AGM and to have an opportunity to exercise their votes in that respect on the basis that general meetings of the Company are the principal means by which Shareholders may legally exercise influence over the Company.  To deny Shareholders this opportunity would cut across key principles of shareholder rights and corporate governance and would likely not be legally sustainable.
  1. I therefore notify the Board that I expect and require the AGM to proceed in the manner prescribed and implied by the AGM notice.  Any attempt to vary, alter, delay or adjourn any Resolutions at the AGM or the AGM itself will be seen and treated as a serious breach of shareholder rights. 
  1. Therefore, I expressly reserve any and all rights to challenge or make any claim against the Company and/or members of the Board personally (as the case may be) in relation to any such matters.  The Board in particular should be aware that to the extent that any claim must as a matter of law be made against the Company, the Company may in turn be entitled to recourse against members of the Board personally.  In addition, the Board may be liable for a breach of the articles of association of the Company directly or under a derivative action.
I would be grateful if you could ensure that each member of the Board receives a copy of this note. 

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN393 has just been sent to subscribers. A packed edition today, very Colombia.

Minera IRL: A short segment from IKN393, out later today

2) The board of directors of Minera IRL are meeting tomorrow Monday to decide whether to postpone the AGM. If they do, they will have a maximum of two weeks to re-schedule (it must take place within one calendar year of the last AGM or EGM and if memory serves, that is December 14th latest date). If they decide to postpone it means only one thing, that they know they’re losing the AGM vote and will desperately try to save their hides with some sort of Hail Mary play in the two extra weeks, potentially releasing the now overdue drilling results from Ollachea and spin-marketing with those, potentially trying to convince Rio Tinto to vote actively, potentially attacking yours truly personally. Maybe even because they want to get an extra month’s salary and find reasons to draw a few extra fat consultancy fees before getting booted out. So at this point I recognize that there’s a chance that the AGM is delayed for a couple of weeks, we’ll find out tomorrow. If it happens, just add it onto the pile of self-serving and corporately expensive decisions this board has made, but it would also be the strongest signal possible that they are losing and we are winning.