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An unsolicited testimonial for The IKN Weekly

I've been told I should do this more often, so when reader and IKN Weekly subscriber "VF" wrote in this evening with the mail you see below, it was such a nice one that I asked to share it here. Mr. VF kindly agreed and here we are.

I wanted to pass along some positive feedback regarding IKN weekly.

1. I've had mining resource subscriptions before and never renewed them for three important reasons. 

a.)  The consistency of the release of the publications were spotty.  I never knew what day the publication was going to come out.  It was more like a 4-5 day window, which is a problem for me.  IKN does a really great job of releasing every Sunday which is awesome.  I know that Sunday night I can schedule time for myself to do my investing research.  That allows me to schedule my life and time which is valuable.

b.)  Your publication takes the time to educate me beyond typical catch phrases and platitudes.  The investment advice is much more than "I'm experienced and I understand things you can't so take my advice and do this" type of advice.  That feels like to me I will never be able to make informed decisions myself and always be reliant on some secret black box of intelligence.  I don't like this, I was not able to apply my own discretion to the situation in conjunction with the author.  I feel like your teaching me about what to look for with the information you are sharing from being boots on the ground and experienced.

c.)  The content of your letter, specifically the financial component is an important piece in my estimation that is nearly completely missing in other publications.  I love the black and white fact of finance and the conclusions that can be drawn from this in a sector where much of the geology is a game of risk probability management.

Thanks for your work and keep it coming.