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And on the subject of complete assholes...

...we present Tommy Humphreys' version of Lavache, Allan Barry.
  • Not a geologist
  • Not an engineer.
  • Not a lawyer.
  • Zero financial qualifications (and when flappin' his dumbass lips on obviously doesn't have a clue about how to "do all that hard math stuff").
  • An idiot squared about community relations.
  • Wouldn't know whether to eat a piece of lithium or stick it up his overweight self-indulgent ass.
  • Doesn't speak a word of Spanish outside of "por favor", "gracias" and "cerveza".
And wants to be taken seriously by the market as CEO of a lithium exploreco in Mexico!

Only in Canada are total clowns like this as company heads even remotely possible, let alone taken seriously. Run along little boy, you're out of your league.