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Arizona Mining ( comes out swinging

They're really this worried about their image? Your extract:

CEO Jim Gowans commented: "HDS-396 is one of the best holes I have seen in my career."
Arizona Mining also wishes to announce that it has received interest from several groups regarding the potential sale of concentrates from its Taylor Deposit.
Oskar Lewnowski of Orion Mine Finance said: "Having our own zinc mine and being in the industry, we have reviewed the assays and specs of the work done to date on the zinc concentrates at the Taylor Deposit of Arizona Mining. We would be prepared to purchase as much of the zinc concentrates, at market, without penalty, as we could. The Taylor Deposit is shaping up to be a world class deposit and Orion would welcome any opportunity to be involved."
Ocean Partners, USA Inc., an internationally recognized global trader of zinc, lead, copper and precious metal concentrates and related by-products and secondary materials, have advised, that in their opinion, and based on the preliminary metallurgical test work released in early 2016, both the zinc and the lead concentrate expected to be produced from the Taylor Deposit on the Hermosa project of Arizona Mining will be highly marketable under any market conditions. Furthermore, we have been advised by Ocean that they are prepared to enter into a MOU to purchase all of the lead and zinc concentrates to be produced at the Taylor Deposit.
The Company is completing further metallurgical work and its preliminary economic assessment ("PEA") by end of the first quarter 2017. Once completed, the Company will be in a position to address the interest from the various parties regarding offtake agreements for its concentrates. Management has always felt the composition of the concentrates would not be an impediment to the success of the Taylor Deposit.

No matter that you can drive a horse and carriage through the semantic legalese wording of the puff piece, this is likely enough to get the masses all hot and sweaty about again.