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Chile gets a Unabomber

This morning, Chile woke up to the across-the-board headlines news of what can best be described as an eco-terrorist organization sent a letterbomb to Óscar Landerretche, head of Chile's State-run mining company Codelco (the world's biggest copper producer). The bomb exploded when Landerretche and his wife opened it, causing both of them enough injuries to land them in a hospital emergency room, though thankfully neither are seriously injured and Landerretche was discharged early this morning, burns on his hands.

According to a message via a blog post later (which I'm not linking to, not giving these scumballs an ounce of extra publicity) the group who call themselves "Individualistas tendiendo a lo salvaje" (kind of difficult to translate neatly, but "Individualists with savage tendencies" is the gist of it) wrote alongside pictures of the explosive device by way of proof (translated):

"The pretentious Landerretche deserves to die for his offenses against Earth. We are not scared if people not targeted by the attack are injured or killed....he deserves our explosive gift for being at the head of a devastating mega-project against all our beautiful Earth."

The interesting bit is that this isn't the first eco-terror attack performed by this group, as other letterbomb attacks on academics with far lower public profiles have already happened in Chile under their name.