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CIBC on Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( "Downgrade to Hold"

Yesterday TAHO's Ron Clayton ran a marketing spiel for sellside brokerage anal ysts at Scotia's offices, even though Scotia doesn't formally cover the stock (because Senior Precious Metals Analyst at Scotia, Tanya Jakusconek, is a board member at TAHO. No conflict there, oh no no no). 

And the result of Clayton's efforts? CIBC yesterday evening put out a "Downgrade to Hold" report on Tahoe. And just to remind you what "Downgrade to Hold" really means in the exciting and thrusting world of Canuck brokerage-speak...

We clear? Eventually, even the stuffed suits in the buddy-buddy scratch-back paid-off world of sellside work out they can't continue to sponsor an overpriced dog that has decimated shareholder value via overpriced deals. Ferrari Kev's Empire Building designs are coming back to bite him, corporate failure will be his legacy.