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Dear "Olyeller"

A special message for you, Olyeller:

After picking up a tip from a Goldtent regular (who will remain nameless but clearly no fan of yours) I timed myself and, thanks to said tip, it took me exactly 14 minutes to find out your real name, your address, your e-mail address, just about everything I need to know. It was really rather easy.

Statement of fact: On January 17th you willfully and maliciously decided to publish 100% false and libelous statements about me. This is absolutely provable and I will not hesitate to clear my name in a court of law, if necessary. I'm sick and tired of assholes like you, consider yourself the one that broke this camel's back.

But I'm going to be nice to you, you blowhard lying dickhead piece of crud. If you decide to write in to the usual address with a full retraction I will happily publish it on this blog under your handle "Olyeller", neither your real name nor any of your personal information will be revealed and that will be the end of the matter. I think this offer is more than fair. However, if you choose to ignore this fair warning I will publish everything about you including your full name and address here on the blog (and it's read by far more people than you can even imagine, your name will be mud forever) and once done I will begin legal action against you to clear my good name. The big difference between your unfounded libel and the stupid legal actions that idiot scamsters such as Porter Stansberry bring against me is that I have never been successfully prosecuted and that's because this blog tells the truth. On the other hand, you are clearly an out and out liar and will pay full consequences, including significant monetary damages, unless you retract your statements with a full apology. Are we crystal clear?

Therefore, Olyeller, you have five days, i.e. until midnight Tuesday January 24th, you lying piece of shit.

Lots of love, Otto