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Metanor Resources (MTO.v) alternative facts

Today's commentary on Metanor Resources (MTO.v) is brought to you by the office of Kellyanne Conway:
  • This is not a joke miner and lifestyle company for a couple of lazy Quebecois businessmen.
  • It has a strong balance sheet and no debt problems at all.
  • Jay Taylor has not been paid enormous amounts of money for years on end to con naive retail tyros into buying chunks of this dog.
  • Ditto Thibault Lapouttre.
  • The share rollback announced today is not utterly shameful for an operating miner.
  • Eric Sprott was not stupid for buying into the bullshit marketing spiel.
  • Ditto Nolan Watson.
  • IKN head office never rolls its eyes at mails with "MTO" in the title line, always reads their contents and always makes a point of replying to the mailer promptly and courteously.

Have a nice alternative day.