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Minera IRL; The trading suspension is lifted at the Peru stock market

Ahh, good news for all long-suffering shareholders of Minera IRL:
  • First go here, to the Minera IRL page on the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) website.
  • Then click "hechos de importancia".
  • Then the document icon, as seen ringed here below:

If you do that, a PDF pops up which says a lot of things in Spanish on its four pages, but the big thing is this on page 3

That's the first and most important of the five resolutions as passed by the BVL on IRL in that document and what it means is simple: The BVL has allowed Minera IRL to re-list its shares and start trading again. This is very good news, because this is the main blockage for re-listing in Canada and the UK, too. IRL is back, ladies and gentlemen and isn't it amazing that as soon as the bad boards of directors are removed, the paperwork suddenly goes through and the company starts putting its shareholders first. Must be a coincidence...

UPDATE: Just received confirmation from the BVL: Minera IRL shares will begin trading again tomorrow morning, Wednesday January 4th.