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Seminario SAB and Minera IRL

It's been fascinating to watch how Peru stockbroker Seminario S.A.B. has been constantly peppering small retail shareholders of Minera IRL with scare stories about the stock, trying to force their hand into selling their shares these last few days. Seminario has sent literally dozens of mails with screenshots of the trading screen of IRL to what they think are weak hand holders, pushing on the way the stock has sold off (now down to U$0.115), scaring people by telling them "The Canadians are selling into the BVL" (they're not), using every dirty trick in the book to extract their shares for cheap. So that Napoleon Valdez can buy them. Paid whores and liars all.

UPDATE: Also "pottermagic", a handle being used by Jaime Pinto on social networks, is exhorting people to sell their IRL shares. Another of Polon's whores.