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The INV Metals ( news that they didn't want you to see up there

And just so you know the context here the "Cantonal Council of Cuenca" mentioned in the article below is the "Concejo Cantonal de Cuenca", i.e. the regional government of the Cuenca region in Ecuador where INV Metals ( has its Loma Larga project and wider concessions (as well as the Chinese capitals Rio Blanco project).  Hey, I wonder why nobody in Canada has told you about this one yet? Candace? Your dad hasn't given you permission to comment yet, Candace?

The official Concejo Cantonal de Cuenca website report on the vote dated January 23rd 2017 is right here on this link, but to get to the brass tacks let's go with how Ecuador's newspaper of record, 'El Comercio', reported the matter yesterday. Your (human being, not Google) translation of the important excerpts goes like this:

"By twelve votes in favour to four against, the Cantonal Council of Cuenca approved this Sunday January 22nd a declaration with 12 resolutions related to the preservation of water sources and mining activity. The debate, during an extraordinary session, lasted over five hours.

One of the main resolutions was to declare the territory of the Canton Cuenca, its paramos (high altitude rural zones) and ecosystems free of metals mining activity.

Another resolution was to demand that the government suspend the mining exploration and operation activities of the Rio Blanco and Loma Larga mining projects."