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The Otto Rock Fan Club, part deux

Further to the wholly untrue and libelous things written about your humble scribe by a lying coward hiding behind the nick 'Olyeller' that we shared with you yesterday, it's very interesting to see how the Katusa fanboy idiot Olyeller reacted when asked for further evidence of his accusations. Some poster called Swannmex replied to Olyeller and his blowhard nonsense, starting like this:
” He can never set foot in the US again or he will be thrown in jail for being a huckster and bilking investors. He is the biggest anonymous hypocrite blogger on the internet IMO and a terrible stock picker.”…….
Please share anything you have to back up the assertion that Mark is banned from the US or wanted in the US for anything.

Then later Olyeller decides to... ignore the difficult question and pretend he wasn't asked anything at all. The questions to which he has no reply (and I assume "he" because women aren't nearly as arrogant and stupid as men). Because the plain fact is that Olyeller is just another BS blowhard big-guy asshole on a bullboard spreading pure lies. Sorry people, I'm not wanted by anyone and sorry to ruin your masturbatory fantasies Olyeller, you'll just have to get back to jacking off over Marin Katusa as he rips you of without you realizing.