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The Otto Rock Fan Club

My thanks to reader "C" for the forward. The thing with Marin's that birds of a feather thing, scumballs and liars attract each other.

Otto Rock is a scamster on the run from the SEC. He can never set foot in the US again or he will be thrown in jail for being a huckster and bilking investors. He is the biggest anonymous hypocrite blogger on the internet IMO and a terrible stock picker. His ego keeps him in losing positions for far too long and he trashes every miner he missed that has a huge move up. He can be very entertaining though so I give him that much. Just sayin. Not a big fan of Katusa either but I believe UEC is the real deal. The only problem I have with GOOD miners that Casey, Katusa et al start pumping is it blurs the valuation and makes it even harder to figure when to sell. NAK is a perfect example. Doug Casey has been pumping this thing no end and it now has a US market cap approaching $700m for a multi billion CAPEX project that does not even have a feasibility or metallurgy study attempted yet….let alone being remotely close to being permitted. This thing is an optionality play on steroids that probably will not get built in my lifetime (I am 53) Do your own DD of course.